You Can Easily Turn a Jockstrap Into a Face Mask! (Video)

Still having trouble finding a face mask to buy online? Here’s a solution to help you out!

Actor and comedian Emerson Collins is demonstrating how you can turn a jockstrap into a mask. Here are the step-by-step instructions that he provides in the video:

  • 1. Put the waistband over your head.
  • 2. Take the leg bands, cross them over your heard, and secure them beneath your nose.
  • 3. Take the excess waistband and pull it over your forehead, securing your jockstrap mask in place.

“The internet may be out of masks, bandanas, and scarves, but it’s not out of jockstraps!” Emerson says in the cute video posted to social media. There are tons of jockstrap options on Amazon right now!

Emerson was most recently seen in Fox’s Rent Live and he starred in the Bravo show The People’s Couch.

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