You Need to See Megan Fox Rocking a Chic ‘Tinkerbell’ Updo

Megan Fox is truly a force to be reckoned with. In just 2022 alone, both her and Machine Gun Kelly shocked us all with a surprise engagement, she offered herself up as the Spice Girls new member ‘BDSM spice’ (lol), and even rocked a ‘SEX’ dress during fashion week. It’s a lot to digest, we know.

And we’ve not even mentioned the beauty looks yet. Buckle up folks, because Meg is mega. So, just speaking on the hair alone (we did warn you), there was that i-con-ique Kim Kardashian-esque super-duper long braided ponytail, the fresh-out-the-shower wet-look for the MTV VMAs, and who could forget that time she debuted the shortest micro-fringe we’ve ever seen. You keeping up?

Now that we’re all up to speed, let’s talk about her most recent hair look, shall we? Mrs Gun Kelly-to-be (sounds cool, you must admit) just rocked a chic Tinkerbell-inspired topknot with a wispy fringe and face-framing strands. The talented hairstylist behind the look, Dimitris Giannetos, took to Instagram to share a couple of pictures of the look. Scroll below to view the whole mini-skirt leather boot fit.

A post shared by Dimitris Giannetos (@dimitrishair)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a celeb rock this hairdo though. Bridgerton’s Nicola Couglan got the ball rolling on this trend with her version of Tinkerbell hair for the Miu Miu runway show for Paris Fashion Week. Then, following in Nicola’s footsteps came our fave hair-spo beauty queen, Jennifer Lopez. Megan’s Disney-worthy hair sits somewhere in-between Nicola’s and J-Lo’s ­– it’s not as intricate as the formers but less casual than the latter’s.

Of course, a beautiful hair look like this is often paired with a stunning full-glam beat and today is no exception. Makeup artist Jenna Kristina also took to Instagram to share the star’s rosy makeup look. And do you see that pop of blue colour in the inner corner? Just perfect.

A post shared by Jenna Kristina (@jennakristina)

As the saying goes, good things come in threes, and we think this third Tinkerbell topknot cements the hairstyle as the next big spring trend.

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