YouTubers Reveal Story Behind Chrissy Teigen Making Them Banana Bread (Video)

Chris Klemens is sharing more details about his epic banana bread exchange with Chrissy Teigen!

The YouTuber posted a video featuring more footage of the event on Thursday (March 26).

He details the tweets that led up to the exchange, shows video of Chrissy and her husband John Legend trading a bag of food for Chris‘s romaine lettuce (via a toy car because social distancing), and reveals what they did afterward.

Besides banana bread, the bag also contained a feast of chips, wine, guacamole, and pie.

Chris Klemens captioned the video, “We’ll all remember where we were when The Great Romaine Exchange of 2020 took place but basically Chrissy Teigen was looking for romaine and I had romaine so Chrissy Teigen made us banana bread for the trade and things escalated when her husband John Legend showed up. then Andrew and I decided to do a mukbang with it bc literally what else would we do???”

Watch the video now!

Be sure to also see how Chrissy has been settling her Twitter followers’ disputes amid the current health crisis via a virtual court session.

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