$1.5 million Bugatti watch has a tiny 16-cylinder engine inside

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What else are you going to wear in a multimillion-dollar car?

Swiss watchmaker Jacob & Co. has created a $1.5 million timepiece inspired by the Bugatti Chiron hypercar that has a reciprocating re-creation of its W16 engine inside it.

The wearer of the hand-wound tourbillon is able to activate the tiny motor, which puts its pistons and turbochargers into motion and even has a power reserve gauge.

The crystal sapphire watch is mostly transparent, exposing a movement that comprises 578 parts and is connected to a four-point suspension like a car.

Bugatti's run of 500 Chirons is coming to an end, with each of the custom-appointed vehicles sold at prices ranging from around $3 million to $19 million, making the 300 mph vehicle a mass-market product compared to the watch.


The Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal timepiece is a "piece unique" and the only one of its kind that will be made.

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