12 uses for magic cream Sudofed youve probably never heard of

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    Sudocrem is an antiseptic healing cream which is a staple to everyone’s home medicine cabinet. A must-have essential.

    Containing antibacterial, antifungal and a mild anesthetic, Sudocrem is a water-proof cream that allows hydration and soothing to the skin.

    Typically used for a nappy rash on babies, people begin to use Sudocrem at an early age but with its many multiple uses, this can continue through to adulthood.

    With its nickname known as ‘magic cream,’ it really does live up to its name with so many different uses that you wouldn’t expect.

    It already has eight healing conditions named on the tiny tub but has several other uses, and now we can’t live without the little pot of glory.


    We may be far off summer, but that doesn't mean you can't get sunburnt.

    Sudocrem can help calm down the soreness that comes with sunburn, helping to reduce the redness and give a soothing effect.

    Cracked heels

    Applying a thick layer of Sudocrem on your heels before going to bed will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth the next morning.

    Fake tan

    Acting as a barrier cream, you can use it to apply on the hands and feet before applying a fake tan.

    This will prevent oranges hands and feet from the aftereffect of fake tanning.

    Stretch marks and scars

    Bio-Oil doesn’t work for everyone, and Sudocrem may be your next best thing. The magic cream can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

    Cuts and burns

    With healing properties in the magic ingredient of the cream, it can help the recovery of minor cuts and burns.

    Insect bites

    Insect bites can be painful and irritating, so be sure to take a little pot wherever you go to ensure you have some light relief to hand if those pesky bugs nip you.


    As it says on the front of the pot, it is well known for being one of the best treatments for acne or spots.

    It helps to reduce redness, with spots becoming less inflamed and calms down any outbreaks.

    Face mask

    Not only can it be dabbed onto those breakout spots on the face, but it can also be used as a night face mask.

    People have used Sudocrem as a face mask once a week because of its high zinc oxide ingredients, quickly becoming a beauty care essential.

    Moisturise skin

    The pot of glory can also be used as a moisturiser, soothing and softening the skin.


    Whether you’re wearing shorts for a day out, a cyclist or runner chafing can occur, and once it starts it's hard to relieve the pain.

    But this little pot of magic is the perfect cure, apply a thin layer to the chafing area for instant relief.


    As we head into winter this may be the perfect time to invest in the little pot if you haven’t already.

    It can help ease the pain as well as speeding up the healing process of chilblains, which are small, itchy swellings on the skin caused by a reaction to cold weather.

    Hair dye

    If you've ever died your own hair, you may have experienced being left with hair-dye around the face, neck, or ears.

    Sudocrem can act as a barrier, so applying some on these areas before dying your hair can prevent the dye from clinging to your skin. The Sudocrem can then be removed easily after.

    Dog’s rashes and dry patches

    One for our furry friends, Sudocrem is safe to be used on dogs and has even been recommended by vets to use on any dry patches or rashes your dog may have.

    It can also be used on their paws if they’ve suffered from a slight cut to help ease the pain, just be sure to rub it thoroughly in before they try to lick it off.


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