6 Best Dog Paddling Pools 2021 | The Sun UK

FROM SPECIAL treats and toys to designer beds, we certainly do go the extra mile for our favourite four-legged pals.

Dogs can get particularly hot in the summer months, which is why sometimes a cool down is in order, and a dog paddling pools can be a great investment.

Doggie paddling pools come in many different styles and sizes, and are perfect for keeping your pet cool in the heat. Having a good old fashioned splash around is an absolute must for doggies and they love to cool themselves by taking a dip!

Instead of the inflatable paddling pools you often find for kids, dog paddling pools are even easier to set up.

Typically made from scratch-proof PVC, the designs easily fold open and shut, can be transported with ease and don't require an air pump to assemble.

But thats not all. These paddling pools make excellent fun for children too, and can even double up as sandpits, ball pits and even baby baths. They also make ideal dog baths and a good place to brush your pooch down after a long walk.

Dog paddling pools aren't the only way to help pups from overheating in the warm weather: you'll also find cooling mats for dogs online, which are typically gel-filled and pressure-activated to start cooling your pup once they step on it.

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