A woman used a zorb ball to do her shopping in a hilarious prank

They see me rolling! Woman makes her way to Morrisons in a Zorb ball to maintain social distance while shopping for a bizarre prank

  • A woman from Herne Bay, Kent, used a protective Zarb ball to do her shopping 
  • The prank was captured on camera as the woman rolled her way into a Tesco 
  • She was seen doing her shopping with a carer before being escorted outside 
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With the UK on its third day of lockdown, people are taking extra precautions while getting out of the house. 

But one woman from Herne Bay, Kent, shocked shoppers by leaving her house in a Zorb ball for a prank that saw her rolling her way to the supermarket.  

As she arrived at her local Morrisons, bewildered shoppers stopped in their tracks to stare as she rolled through the aisles, while a companion picked items for her from the shelves. 

A woman from Herne Bay, Kent, shocked shoppers by leaving her house in a Zorb ball, and rolled her way to the supermarket in a possible prank (pictured)

The woman could be seen picking items with the help of a companion in the store while she remained inside the zorb ball (pictured)

The video, captured on Monday 23 March, showed the woman rolling in the street in the large transparent ball, on her way to the shops. 

The woman then confidently entered the Morrisons store as shoppers stopped in their tracks to watch her go.  

After a few moments, a member of staff quickly intercepted the woman and asked her to leave. 

She was then escorted out by the same member of staff and the store security guard while she was still in her zorb ball. 

The one stopped shoppers in their tracks as she rolled in the zorb ball all the way into the Morrisons (pictured)

The prank came as the UK’s lockdown continues amid the coronavirus pandemic.   

On Wednesday, that UK recorded 43 coronavirus deaths within the past 24 hours compared to 87 on Tuesday, but new infections increased by a record 1,452 to 9,529 as Britons continued to flout the lockdown.

Twenty-eight more patients died in England, six more patients died in Scotland, five in Wales and four in Northern Ireland – bringing the total death toll to 465 in Britain.

They included a 47-year-old who did not have an underlying health condition. The others who died, including one person aged 93, did have underlying health conditions.

In contrast, eighty-seven infected Brits died the day before. Despite the death rate falling by half, the country saw a record spike in cases on Wednesday, with 1,452 more patients known to have caught the deadly virus, bringing the total number of cases to 9,529.

The woman rolled around the whole store in the ball before a staff member kindly asked her to leave (pictured)

Shoppers could not believe their eyes as the woman rolled into the store, advancing in the ball (pictured)

A man stopped the woman in her track before she was asked to leave the store after her prank (pictured)

People have been asked to observe a lockdown in order to curb the spread of the covid-19 pandemic (pictured: the woman rolling in the store)





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