A YouTuber documented trading romaine lettuce for Chrissy Teigen's banana bread, which she and John Legend transported over a church parking lot in their daughter's toy car

  • YouTuber comedian Chris Klemens came to the rescue when Chrissy Teigen sent out a social media plea for some romaine lettuce, and documented the whole thing on his YouTube channel.
  • Teigen promised to trade the valuable salad product for homemade banana bread and make the swap six feet apart to respect the rules of social distancing.
  • Klemens just happened to have three bags of romaine at his home in Studio City, California. After a bit of back and forth on Twitter, they set up a time to meet in a church parking lot.
  • Teigen and her husband John Legend arrived in a black Range Rover and produced a small toy car in which to transport the food.
  • The Legends sent a care package across the parking spaces that included the banana bread (minus the half they had eaten), some chips and guacamole, a slice of pie, and a bottle of John's brand of wine.
  • "That exchange rate," Klemens said, flabbergasted. "Did I just rob?"
  • When Klemens and his roommate, fellow vlogger Andrew Lowe, got home they put the items to the taste test.
  • "Literally just bashed my head into a cabinet," Klemens said, after doing just that. "It's so good."
  • Teigen also tweeted after the exchange, saying: "It was so hard not to hug you both."
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