After Galaxy S10 price shock, Samsung offers some far better news for owners

Just last week, Samsung Galaxy S10 owners were dealt a shocking blow as their smartphones began plummeting in price. Having been worth over £350 at the start of the year, trade-in sites have now started slashing the price of these 2019 phones with some offering as little £279 to consumers that want to sell – that’s almost £100 less than just a few months ago.

That’s disappointing news for anyone looking to upgrade their S10 but luckily it seems there is still a way to get some improved value for this older technology with Samsung giving owners a very generous price if they want to upgrade to the latest Galaxy S20.

Heading to Samsung’s store, it’s easy to check how much Samsung will give you if fancy treating yourself to its latest and greatest 2020 flagship.

For example, a 128GB S10 in good condition will drop the price of the S20 by £350.

Those with an S10+ can get a £400 reduction on Samsung’s new smartphone and even owners of the 2018 Galaxy S9 can get the S20 for £200 less.

To find out how much Samsung will give you for your old phone simply head to and say yes when the site asks “Want up to £450.00 off? Try trading in your current phone.”


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Along with offering good trade-in values, Samsung is also making it cheaper to buy an S20 via its upgrade programme.

This allows fans to own this new phone for as little as £37 per month with the option to switch to the latest device after 12 months.

As a quick reminder, the Galaxy S20 went on sale early last month and features a speedy and stutter-free 120Hz display, faster processor and a bigger battery. There’s also a new camera system on the rear case which includes a Space Zoom and 5G data technology is now included across the entire range.

Prices start from £799 but if you want the best of the best then the Galaxy S20 Ultra will set you back over £1,190.

This device gets a giant 6.9-inch screen, monster battery and a quad-rear camera that’s capable of shooting images with a 100X zoom.

Here’s full pricing for the Galaxy S20 range:

Galaxy S20 – £799

Galaxy S20 5G – £899

Galaxy S20+ (with 5G) – £999

Galaxy S20 Ultra (with 5G) – £1,199

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