Age gap couples share their touching love stories

Young at heart! Couples with age gaps of up to 30 years share their love stories – including a mother-of-two, 32, who met her 21-year-old toyboy during her divorce

  • Age gap couples from around the world have shared their stories online
  • Couples from all walks of life shared to global Instagram account @agegaplife
  • Some share a decade gap, others have as much as 20 or 30 years between them 

They say love has no boundaries, and that’s certainly the case for these devoted couples who share age gaps of up to 30 years.

The lovebirds from around the world have shared their stories online to break the negative stereotypes around their age difference. 

Posting photos on the Instagram page @agegaplife, couples from all walks of life revealed the romantic tales behind their first meeting.

Stories include a mother-of-two, 32, who fell for a 21-year-old grocery store worker while she was going through a divorce. 

Fallon Mitchell, 37, from the US, met her now husband Reed, 26, just after her divorce from her first husband. She told how he worked at the grocery store and the pair dithered over their age difference but were ‘blessed with tons of support’. They are now married and have a child together as well as Fallon’s two from her previous marriage. She said: ‘I am so glad that we didn’t give in to stereotypes and opinions. He is my soulmate, and we honestly never even think of the age difference’

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Helen Abduall, 49, from Sweden, met her husband Mohanad, 35, two years ago and says they are ‘so in love’. She told FEMAIL they have received hurtful, negative comments about their relationship as a result of Helen being 14 years older. ‘I think it’s much more acceptable that the man is oldest in a relationship,’ she said. ‘People also say that he’s just with me so that he can stay in Sweden’

Lionel Moore, 43, and his fiancee Stinaa, 21, from Delaware, will have been together two years in November and got engaged in November last year. Despite their 22 year age gap, the couple say they are ‘loving’ being together and have a YouTube page and Instagram account dedicated to their relationship

Sandy Wells, from the UK, turns 72 this year, while her husband of 27 years, David, will be 57. She told FEMAIL they have never found their 15 year age gap to be a problem. ‘I met him when he was 27 and we married when I was 44 and he was 29,’ she said. ‘I noticed that most photos on @agegaplife showed couples where the man seemed older than the woman. I think that is far more acceptable in my experience than the other way round. I felt I needed to address this issue’

Derek Joseph, 30, from New York, is 30 years younger than his partner Ron, 60. The couple have been together for four years; Derek said they are each other’s ‘biggest champions and support system’, and are best friends as well as lovers. ‘We make each other laugh every day and are so blessed to have found one another,’ he said, adding that anything that they are keen to normalise age gap couples

Christina Mastropole, 24, from Arizona, is 28 years younger than her husband Mark, 52, with whom she has a son. The couple started dating in the summer of 2017 and got married in September last year before welcoming their first child in December. ‘Now we have our little boy and are enjoying being newlyweds and parents,’ she said

Coleen Brennen, 49, from Sydney, Australia, met her partner Rick, 29, on Tinder and they have been together for nearly four years. She said they clicked straight away and their friends and family are very happy for them and don’t have a problem with their age gap. ‘They see how happy we are together and are just grateful we both found someone who is respectful and our equal,’ she said. ‘I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been in any relationship – I’ve been married and divorced twice’

Lexi, 20, from North Carolina, has been with her boyfriend Juan, 36, for two years and says he is the best thing in her life. While his family ‘doesn’t really care’ about their age gap, she said ‘a few comments’ have been made by hers. ‘As long as we’re happy they’re happy,’ she added. ‘My step-grandmother has said he’s too old for me, and my mother was against the relationship at first but she’s come round’

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