Airline launches cafe serving in-flight food for people missing it

Aeroplane food is part of the long-haul flight experience but it’s not exactly gourmet.

But with so many changes in the travel industry right now, you might be longing for that slightly overcooked food in a tray.

So one airline has come up with a way to serve up their meals on the ground – while helping staff too.

Thai Airways’ entire fleet has been grounded for months after the government there stopped passenger flights in April, and due to financial difficulties, the airline is currently awaiting bankruptcy hearings.

So they’ve recycled old plane parts, brought back some staff and turned their head office canteen in Bangkok into a pop-up restaurant.

Before now, they’ve been offering some of their food to take away but they’ve added to the flight-without-leaving-the-ground feeling with the restaurant.

Customers start by walking up plane style steps and they each have a boarding pass, which is scanned by staff.

They can then sit on the old plane seats and eat from tables made up of engine parts.

They’re then served up food usually only available onboard, by cabin crew who have been unable to work because of the pandemic.

You can even choose between economy and business class seating options.

From 7am, it’s a bakery selection and then from 9am, it switches to an all day international menu.

Meals include Caesar Salad, Japanese yakisoba, and shwarma kebabs and cost £2-£4.

Sadly you won’t be able to visit because of the current travel restrictions but maybe airlines here will follow their lead.

Ryanair sandwich, anyone?

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