Aldi announce big changes to shopping trolley & baskets in UK stores

Stockpilers are leaving many Brits without the essentials, especially staple foods like pasta, toiletries and toilet roll. Many have been panic buying and leaving others disappointed when they take the risky trip to the shops.

Aldi, much like other supermarkets have had an increase in demand for product and to tackle the nation’s panic buying and stockpiling, stores have enforced new measures.


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Until recently, the supermarket put restrictions on certain items, and shoppers could only buy limited amounts of items in high demand. 

These restrictions have since been lifted, except on:

  • Antibacterial wipes (four units)
  • Antibacterial gel (two units)
  • Hand wash and soap (four units)
  • Shower gel (four units)
  • Bleach (four units)
  • Toilet tissue (four units)
  • Kitchen roll (four units)
  • Tissues (four units)
  • Baby formula (two units)
  • Pasta (four units)
  • Canned tomatoes (four units)
  • Canned beans and sausages (four units)
  • UHT milk (two units)
  • Wine or spirits (12 units)

The supermarket chain said: “The relaxing of purchase limits follows a return to stable levels of trading and good availability across all Aldi stores.”

This comes after many stores have had a chance to replenish stocks.

The past weekend Aldi has implemented further measures into their stores.

Customers will now be offered disinfectant wipes for their basket or trolley which they can pick up at the entrance.


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The budget supermarket said: “From this week, customers will also be offered wipes to disinfect trolleys and baskets when they enter Aldi stores.”

With the country now on lockdown, and people only allowed to visit the shops as infrequently as possible, customers are only allowed to visit the store for essential items.

Aldi has also introduced special opening hours reserved for the elderly and NHS workers. 

Early opening on Sunday’s is reserved for NHS workers, and those who work in the emergency services, while exclusive access will be given to the elderly and vulnerable customers on Monday mornings. 


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The German chain have also extended their online delivery time for all deliveries to three to ten working days.

As part of their ongoing support for small suppliers, Aldi have introduced ‘reduce payment terms’ so that any supplier with a turnover less than £1m will be paid immediately which will benefit over 1,000 suppliers. 

Customers will also be able to use their contactless card for transactions up to £45, as contactless limits increase from today. This will allow more customers to pay without cash or contact with the Chip n Pin terminals. 

Another supermarket chain to implement these new measures is Tesco.

Tesco have also introduced cleaning stations by which customers can take their trolley, basket or Scan as you Shop handset to the station to use antibacterial wipes to wipe the trolley down. 

Hand sanitisers have also been placed around the stores for customers to use as they travel around the store. 

Sanitising surfaces, especially those touched by many, is important to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus. 

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