Artists Explore the Role of Sports in "EXTRA TIME" Exhibition

Case Studyo has teamed up with Belgium’s PLUS-ONE Gallery to host a group exhibition called “EXTRA TIME.” The presentation features new paintings and sculptures by a group of leading international artists such as Joakim Ojanen, Jean Jullien, Ryan Travis Christian, Charline Tyberghein, Royal Jarmon, Maja Djordjevic, among others. The pieces displayed explore the various roles of sports through distinct visual language, context and formation.

The exhibition’s floor mimics a playing field, making onlookers ponder if the works are pitted against eachother or if they’re all on the same team as part of an artful, visually-induced game. “The exhibition makes the emotions of the game tangible; heroics, pugnacity, humiliation and desperation, but also tactical and effortless concentration,” said the gallery in a statement.

Highlights of the exhibition include Tyberghein’s sports ball! 2020 acrylic on wood painting that features a baseball’s lacing thread set against a pair of hanging knives, Ojanen’s ceramic sculpture that features his recognizable child-like subject with droopy arms and hands that are holding a soccer ball and a basketball, as well as Jullien’s Untitled #2 acrylic on canvas work portraying a surfer with a serene beach background.

Take a look at the installation views for “EXTRA TIME” above and then head to PLUS-ONE Gallery’s website to learn more. The exhibition will run through September 5 until October 11.

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