B&M is selling kids shoes for £1 and mum says she’s never seen shoes ‘so cheap’

B&M has slashed the price of some of its kids shoes to just £1 and mums are going wild for them.

One pair of the super cheap shoes has a rainbow heart print design on blue denim, topped with a glittery silver and pink velcro fastening.

The same design is also available in turquoise denim, with a turquoise and pink glittery velcro fastening.

Both pairs of shoes, which come in sizes five to nine, originally cost £3 – so you’re saving £2 or 66% of the original price.

A pair of flowery sandals has also been knocked down from £3 to £1.

These shoes, which come in sizes six to ten, are coral pink in colour with a fabric flower design on the front.

The cheap kickers were spotted by one mum who said she'd never seen kids shoes "so cheap" in a post on the B&M Bargains and More Facebook page.

Responding to her post, another shopper replied asking her friend: "Can you have a look for me please."

B&M confirmed to The Sun that stock is very limited on their £1 shoes, so we recommend calling your nearest store first to check its availability.

You can find your nearest B&M by using its online shop finder.

The discounter doesn't have an online delivery service, so you're only bet is to try your luck in stores.

B&M has also reduced the price of several pairs of jelly shoes to £2 each, down half price from £4.

One pair is made with a sparkly pink jelly material and has a rainbow motif on the front and in the insoles.

Another has a lighter pink jelly material and a unicorn design.

Both of these come in sizes four to nine.

Or for older children, B&M has reduced the cost of a sparkly pink pair of slip-on canvas shoes from £5.99 to £3.

This cute designs feature a rainbow bow with a gem motif and come in sizes ten to one.

Again, these all have limited availability so check with your nearest store first.

When we compared prices this morning, we couldn't find similar shoes online for less than a £1.

Some of the next best prices include these demin velcro shoes from Peacocks which cost £7 plus £3.99 delivery, or these sparkly jelly sandals from Next which also come to £7 and £3.99 for delivery.

We've also rounded up five ways to get discount on kids shoes.

Our list includes a little-known Clarks scheme where they'll swap used kids shoes for a FREE pair until February if your little one grows out of them.

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