Brian May on honouring Freddie Mercury and ‘insane adrenaline’ of Queen and Adam Lambert

Freddie Mercury was 'in a lot of pain' says Brian May

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After 50 episodes celebrating half a century of the iconic rock band, the final episode of Queen the Greatest has been released on YouTube. Looking back at Queen and Adam Lambert’s career together, Brian May, Roger Taylor and the singer spoke of keeping the music and Freddie Mercury’s legacy alive.

Lambert, who has been performing with Queen for over a decade, said: “I knew Queen songs before I knew who Queen were. I mean, they’re just ever-present and to get up there for me personally, and to get up to celebrate Freddie as well, is a real treat. Y’know, there’s no replacing Freddie. It’s not possible. So to be on stage and to talk to the audience about Freddie, and we show Freddie on the screen a couple of points in the show, we hear his voice, that’s very important for this, this experience, for the audience.”

During Queen and Adam Lambert shows today, there’s one song where Brian May performs Love Of My Life with a video recording of the late singer who died in 1991.

Brian shared: “There’s one song that I sing together with Freddie, which is always a great moment. I can’t see ever not wanting to do that really. And of course, the audience do it all. It’s all about the audience and sharing that moment. The memories, and the fact that we’re still here, and the legacy lives on, and I think Freddie would be so happy about that.”

During the video, the 74-year-old also looked back at Queen and Adam Lambert’s charity set in 2020 for Fire Fight Australia, staged to help communities affected by the country’s devastating bushfires.

Brian remembered: “It was incredible because it was a terrible thing to see the fires sweep through Australia and the amount of hardship and people losing their homes; the amount of wild animals killed. Very tragic. And we happened to be in Sydney at a point where it was convenient to put on a concert to raise awareness, raise money for the cause, for the fire fighters. So we’d already done our show the night before, and we kind of donated our stage to open the stadium the next night.”

For Queen and Adam Lambert’s electrifying set, the band recreated the one from their iconic 1985 Live Aid performance with Freddie.

The songs in order were Bohemian Rhapsody, Radio Ga Ga, Hammer To Fall, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love, before finishing with We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions.

Brian added:“The feeling of adrenaline was insane. And strangely, we had already decided that we wanted to recreate the Live Aid set. Because there’s a lot of similarities between the causes. And so we went on and just as, y’know, the original Live Aid, it was a one-off. We’ve never done that set before, and this was a one-off to. And the audience were [wild]. So energised. That’s the highlight of this whole thing that we’re putting out, I think, that we end up in Sydney at that Fire Fight concert. It was another one-off.”

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