Burger King Japan Introduces the "Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger"

To celebrate “Good Meat Day” in Japan (November 29), Burger King Japan is now introducing the “Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger.” For those that don’t know, November 29 is “Good Meat Day” because the numbers 1-1-2-9 spell out īniku (いい肉), literally good meat in Japanese.

Joining the Japanese division of the fast-food chain’s over-the-top creations, the stacked burger features four flame-broiled all-beef patties weighing in at 1.1 lbs. The mass of meat is paired with classic freshly sliced onions, ketchup, cheddar cheese and cheese sauce. The mix is held together by a sesame seed bun.

Priced at ¥1,600 JPY (approximately $14 USD) or ¥1,900 JPY (approximately $16 USD) for a meal with medium fries and drink, the Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger is now available at Burger King Japan locations until December 2, from 2 p.m. onwards.

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