Career horoscope Cancer: 2020 insights for Cancer star sign

A horoscope is a forecast of a person’s future based on positions of stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth. This then creates different attributes for each star sign, creating a horoscope. Each star sign has different attributes including personality traits, love matches and career prospects so what are the career prospects for Cancer this year?


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Cancer is a cardinal water sign and is represented by the crab.

Belonging to an element of water, they are guided by emotion and their heart. This means they can sometimes have a hard time fitting into the world around them.

People born in Cancer will be quite lucky in 2020. Even though they don’t generally believe in luck, money or fortune, 2020 will be a prosperous year for them. says: “With Mars spending half of 2020 in his home sign of Aries (your career house), you’ll have even more energy than usual for initiating new business ventures and pursuing long-term goals.

“The only trouble? You’re likely to come up with more bright ideas than you can realistically accomplish at once.”

Cancer tends to be really creative and because of this trait loves to come up with different ideas.

However in 2020, they must learn that projects take time and only one can be completed at any one time. says: “Intuition. Affiliated with Artemis, goddess of the hunt, Cancer knows which way the wind will blow, work-wise, before there’s a memo or email.”

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Cancer is adept at reading people and represented by the Crab, are very respected in managerial positions who guide their colleagues.

This year Cancer’s amazing people skills lets him or her choose people who will flourish in their career.

This star sign loves being independent and is a huge trait when it comes to the office.

Cancer doesn’t necessarily love the structure of office like and this sign may produce their best work in their own time.


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Therefore this year Cancer will come up with some amazing projects from the very comfort of their own home.

This is because Cancer tend to stay clear of drama and at home they can do so.

They must make sure however that this doesn’t interrupt their office life and still work as hard as they can in the office.

If they do work hard this year, December will bring financial gains for Cancer and they will reap the benefits around the end of December.

While cancer isn’t driven by money, like many other star signs in the Zodiac, they wish for the best life possible and in order to maintain a good relationship with their partner, this year they may not take their dream job they have been offered. says: “Intellectual, creative, and incredibly good at reading people and knowing what they need, Cancer excels at careers that combine those three talents.

“Crabs prefer to make their own hours (or be the boss!) and excel in environments where they can help drive their own schedule and agenda.”

Cancer will expand their profession networks this year and upgrade their office technology that they have wanted to do so for many years.

This will help them set bigger and better goals for the future and in 2020 they must keep an open mind and take each thing as it comes.

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