Comic in hot water for golfing in Yellowstone, other national parks

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He sure didn’t ace this game.

A Massachusetts comedian is facing fines — and possible jail time — for hitting golf balls in several national parks as part of a publicity stunt.

“It was not my intent to litter at all,” said Jake Adams, who committed the harebrained act during a monthlong cross-country trip, during which he attempted to tee off in all 50 states, CBS reported. The budding funnyman from Barnstable, Massachusetts, then posted the videos on Instagram with the intent of attracting more eyeballs to his comedy.

However, he got unwanted attention in April after he filmed himself driving biodegradable golf balls in several national parks, including Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

A spokesperson for the National Park Service told Montana NBC affiliate KULR that “NPS law enforcement at several national parks, including Yellowstone National Park, are investigating” Adams for violating regulations designed to preserve the park, which stretches across three states. The Wall Street Journal quoted the Park Service as saying he “showed a lack of judgment and common sense.”

The internet clout-seeker claimed that he thought he was taking all the “right precautions,” as he said the balls he used allegedly “biodegrade in a matter of days.”

However, he told CBS that he “didn’t research the magnitude of any foreign substance in our national parks. The fact that it biodegrades doesn’t matter because it’s different from their natural ecosystem.”

If found guilty, the oblivious litterbug could be forced to pay a $5,000 fine and even spend up to six months in jail.

Adams has since apologized for treating the preserved wildland as a putting green.

“Do not hit any golf balls in our national parks biodegradable or not,” the rueful humorist cautioned. “I’m just really sorry it was never my intention at all to mess with a national park.”

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