Daily horoscope for June 21: Your solar eclipse astrology and zodiac forecast

The Moon moves to Cancer to join the Sun in the same position for the eclipse. The eclipse itself takes place at 6.41am BST (1.41am ET).

Astrologer Gregory Scott believes the effect of this Sunday’s solar eclipse will be particularly long-lasting.

This solar energy helps the Moon during its next cycle

Astrologer Gregory Scott

He said: “The Sun and the New Moon sit together during an eclipse.

“The Moon appears totally pitch-black and seemingly turns its face away.

“The Moon is considered to be recharging at this point, using energy harnessed from the Sun.

“And this solar energy helps the Moon during its next cycle.


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“But when the Moon is in action during an eclipse, as it is here, the effects may last for up to six months”

With the Moon in Cancer, the astrologer thinks the longest day of the year is about having much-needed fun.

He said: The day is therefore about enjoying yourself and healing yourself.

“The time surrounding this eclipse is consequently a very positive period.

“And I think all of us can benefit from more love and energy at this point.

“Think of Sunday as a wonderful new start, as everyone has had a few scrapes in the past few months.

“Cancer provides the perfect energy, as it presents that familial love and nurture.

“And if you can do that for yourself, you have already won that battle.

“This is because you are already manifesting and working with yourself to create positivity – so you can’t go wrong.”

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Effects of a solar eclipse on your horoscope:

Astrologically, a solar eclipse can be beneficial for some while it may bring adverse effects to others.

Few eclipses can bring life-changing happy moments for some individuals like marriage, child-birth, a promotion, a new job or unanticipated progress in life.

However, others may experience the worst phase of life like separation, the onset of illness, surgery or an accident.

When it comes to pregnancy, the expectant mother is advised to follow stringent guidelines for her and her baby’s health during a solar eclipse.

Some even believe staring at the sky during an eclipse can cause complications.

A minority of astrology enthusiasts also believe they should bathe in sacred water once the eclipse ends.

This is done in the hope of erasing any negativity or toxins extracted through the solar eclipse.

Numerous cultures continue to view eclipses as a bad omen.

In India, for instance, many people discard any food cooked during an eclipse in the erroneous belief it will become poisonous.

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