Demi Lovato Dropped Some Self-Love Gems For Everyone Stuck At Home

For the latest “At Home” edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Demi Lovato performed her recent, emotionally resonant tune, “I Love Me” from the comfort of her cozy crib. To go along with the display of the song that’s about the importance of self-confidence, Lovato dropped some important gems in a conversation with host Jimmy Fallon about mental healthcare maintenance during this global pandemic. Both the song and the related conversation are important things that everyone needs to hear right now.

Lovato’s sweeping performance would have made Fallon‘s crowd whoop and cheer if it were on the show’s actual stage. The singer confidently belted out the lyrics pertaining to feeling unworthy of loving oneself based on the surrounding environment. Its chorus of “After all the times I went and fucked it up/ I wonder when I love me is enough,” is a chilling realization that no matter what happens, we have to hug ourselves in the mirror and love who we see no matter what environment the tune is played in.

Lovato and Fallon’s conversation later about mental health aligned perfectly with the message of “I Love Me.” In a time where a lot of us are by ourselves and can’t help but listen to our inner monologues that are swaying us in fifteen million directions, Lovato explained the situation to Fallon and talked about how to get through it.

“We’re alone with our thoughts right now, some of us are at home alone,” she said. “Those voices in your head can get really loud. I call them roommates. The roommates in your head can be just as annoying as a real roommate.”

To serve these mental roommates a noise complaint, Lovato believes that occupying your time with something will do the trick. “If you have a higher power that you believe in,” she began before continuing. “Playing with animals. Whatever you can do to continue to grow spiritually and emotionally while we’re stuck in these houses.”

Lovato shared “I Love Me” and its video last month. The clip is every bit as heartwarming as the song, following Lovato moving on to a new chapter of her career by walking past different points of her life. The song’s set to appear on her forthcoming seventh studio album that is expected to come out later this year.

Check out Lovato’s ‘I Love Me’ performance on Fallon and her discussion about mental health up above.

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