England and Tottenham football ace Danny Rose arrested after high-speed 4am crash

ENGLAND and Spurs football star Danny Rose has been arrested after a high-speed crash at 4am on December 23.

The 30-year-old defender is alleged to have smashed his motor into a central reservation of the A45 in Northampton.

The wreck left the Premier League left-back’s car with only three wheels and its bumper hanging off, a source said.

Rose, capped 29 times for his country,  emerged unscathed and was breathalysed — the test proved negative.

He was arrested for dangerous driving and taken into custody at a police station.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm a 30-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving on the A45 in Northampton shortly after 4am today.

“The suspect is currently being held at a police station in the county and, as such, it would be inappropriate for Northamptonshire Police to comment further at this time.”


It is unclear what Rose was doing in the Northampton area early this morning.

But the A45 where he crashed is close to the M1 Motorway, which he regularly travels from London to see his family in Doncaster, South Yorks.

A source said: “He apparently smashed his car into a central reservation.

“The car was very badly damaged and only had three wheels. He was lucky to get out of it alive.

“He was breathalysed but was nowhere near reaching the alcohol limit but the officers at the scene arrested him for dangerous driving and were concerned about his condition.”

Rose was later examined by a force medical examiner and later deemed to be fit to be interviewed.

The £70,000 a week player has a history of mental health issues and has previously told how he was on medication for months following a family tragedy, racist abuse suffered by his mum and a long-term knee injury.

He has been out of favour at Spurs for two seasons and manager Jose Mourinho is said to be keen to off-load him in the January transfer window.

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