Evander Holyfield confirms he’s willing to fight Mike Tyson in trilogy bout but would prefer Riddick Bowe – The Sun

EVANDER HOLYFIELD has attempted to lure fellow boxing legend Mike Tyson out of retirement for a trilogy bout.

The pair had a famous rivalry back in their prime that was exposed in the second of their two bouts in 1997.

Tyson, 53, sensationally bit off the ear of Holyfield that earned him a disqualification.

They have since put their rivalries aside to become friends but it hasn't prevented Holyfield from calling him out for a scrap.

It comes off the back of comments made by Tyson that he is willing to dust off the gloves and fight in an exhibition match to raise money for charity.

When quizzed on whether a rematch with Tyson would interest him, the 57-year-old told TMZ: "It wouldn't bother me to do so.

"Even though I'm four years older than him, it wouldn't be a problem."

Holyfield added that their managers have been talking although he would prefer to take on former fighter Riddick Bowe.

He said: "My manager, they’ve been talking and all that.

"But the fact is that with me personally, I think for me to ask, the only person that I would actually really ask is Riddick Bowe."

Tyson has had fans excited of a potential comeback having shown off his pace and power in a number of lockdown workout videos.

The former heavyweight world champ last fought in 2005 in a defeat against Kevin McBride.

But Holyfield believes he still has it in the tank to make it a hat-trick of wins against Iron Mike.

He said: "I'm thinking just take one fight at a time.

"If it comes about, as long as it works for both of us.

"The thing is, I look at it like, I wouldn’t ask him [Tyson] does he want to do it, he would have to ask me, because it’s just like being a bully, you beat the guy twice and you know that you can.

“If it’s a charity thing it’ll be more of this is what he wants to do.

"I’m four years older than Mike, I know that he is very quick, but I’m quick too.

“But I realise I can’t wait on him, because I know if I wait on him he may get me.

“The art of the game is, if I was going to do anything with anybody, we're going to talk about this because my whole thing is I don’t look at this like it’s going to be a one handed fight, this is a charity event and we’ll get the decision.

“We're doing this, raising money for a charity and then they pay us so we have something for ourselves, but the thing is, you know what you’re doing it for.

“Because if it wasn’t for a charity – I wouldn’t do it."

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