Ex-prostitute exposes grim reality of sex work after getting addicted to money

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A former prostitute has lifted the lid of some of the dangers of sex work and is now fighting to help young women lured by fast cash.

Maeve Moon, who began escorting as a student to pay for her loans, said she became "addicted to money" and ignored the toll it was having on her health as she took more clients than her "body could handle".

In a video on her YouTube channel, she revealed: "Initially I charged £150 an hour and I remember him (the client) handing me this £150 and I remember just walking into my housemates' room – I was doing this in my student accommodation – and I was just slapping this money against my hand.

"£150 is absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing. But when you are used to working for peanuts, £150, you are ballin'."

After the initial rush of excitement, sex work began to chip away at her happiness.

Maeve added: "I got thinner and thinner and I allowed my self-respect to continue to go down, I allowed people to do worse and worse things to me."

She said she started to let violent clients hit and strangle her and justified it by thinking "at least they weren't doing it to other women".

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Maeve said: "I was getting this addiction to money and it was just getting worse and worse and worse; I'd maybe take more clients than my body could handle within the day and then do that six or seven days of the week.

"And I couldn't handle it, so I'd always be on and off."

In another video on her TikTok channel, Maeve said she has noticed people trying to glamourise sex work and the "Sugarbaby" lifestyle on social media and believes they are deliberately "grooming" and "pimping" young women and even teens.

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Sugarbabies are young women who have relationships with older men in exchange for cash and, because the relationships are usually sexual, it blurs the lines with escorting.

Maeve told Daily Star: "The most important thing a young person tempted by sex work should know is this: if money was no object, is this really what you would like to be doing with your life?

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"I know this logic applies to most jobs, but most jobs are not as physically and intimately intrusive, and both psychologically and potentially physically damaging in the long-term as sex work."

She added that using your body as a "purchasable and useable commodity" can lead to mental health issues like dissociation or even PTSD.

Maeve is now working towards being a psychotherapist and runs Profit From Trauma where she offers online classes to women which can be booked through the email address [email protected]

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