Ferrari chief Louis Camilleri admits team are 'in a hole' after latest disastrous race on home circuit

FERRARI chief Louis Camilleri says the Formula One team is stuck "in a hole" after their poor home GP.

After another embarrassing performance, this time at their own Mugello test track, the CEO of the Italian car company warned results might not improve until 2022.

Sebastian Vettel finished the race in tenth while Charles Leclerc was promoted from ninth to eighth place after Kimi Raikkonen was given a time penalty.

To make matters worse for Ferrari, it was all played out in front of chairman John Elkann and Camilleri.

And after poor results in Spa and Monza, Camilleri said there was no disguising the trouble the team are in.

He said: "We're in a hole now, and we know we're in a hole. It's a confluence of factors, but anything I say will come across as excuses. And we're not into excuses.

"So what matters is to focus on the issues we have and to work hard with determination to get back to what we consider to be our rightful place."

New rules have been bumped back a year, so this year's car designs will be frozen until the end 2021.

That means Ferrari will not be able to capitalise on many developments with their chassis or engine.

Camilleri added: "I mean realistically it's going to be tough.

"In Formula One we're always fighting time, both on the track and in development, and there's no magic bullet.

"So we'll take time. I'm hoping with a bit more flexibility in the regs next year we can at least step it up from where we are.

"Mercedes, hats off to them, they've done an incredible job and we'll see in 2022 with the new regs, whether it creates a reset. That's our hope."

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