Foodie’s easy egg and Spam breakfast sandwich recipe seen millions of times

A food lover has come up with a one-pan recipe for a perfect breakfast sandwich filled with fried eggs, Spam and lettuce.

The video shared on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, shows the easy steps to assemble the sarnie in a pan.

The first step is to whisk two to three eggs together before pouring them into the pan. While it is cooking, place two pieces of bread in the centre and flip them over so that both sides are dipped.

Season the eggs with salt, pepper and sesame before adding a piece of Spam, lettuce and some ketchup on one of the bread. To finish, fold the sarnie into a "pocket".

The foodie, from Heilongjiang of northern China, tucks the fried eggs from the two sides into the middle and folds the bread from the top into a sandwich.

She then cuts it diagonally and reveals a perfect sarnie with Spam in the middle.

The video has been liked more than 1.8 million times, with fans amazed by the simple steps.

One said: "Slide them in a pocket and you can have the sandwich on the go! Brilliant idea."

A second commented: "I see that the trick here is the flip. How to flip without breaking the egg and the bread?"

Another agreed and wrote: "I can never flip an omelette, please help me."

In other news, a home chef has come up with a genius hack to make a "Christmas leftover sandwich" to leave his viewers drooling.

Chris Ings explained in a post what's inside the sandwich, saying: "Rosemary and onion mayo, shredded fried sprouts with bacon, Yorkshire pudding, sous vide turkey breast, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce, brioche bun, rosemary roast spud and a sage and onion stuffing ball."

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