Footie ace Harry Winks shows off his skills by volleying tea bag into his mug from the other side of his kitchen – The Sun

FOOTIE ace Harry Winks showed off his soccer skills when he made a cuppa by volleying the tea bag into the mug – from the other side of his kitchen.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder posted a video of his unique approach to tea-making on Instagram.

The 15-second clip shows Winks, 24, at home in his kitchen during the coronavirus lockdown.

He lobs the teabag up in the air and with his stocking feet volleys it around five yards straight into the cup.

He then walks up, pours some milk in and takes a swig.

Spurs fans praised his footie skills with one saying: “Best tea maker in north London, without a doubt.”

Jaibrooks added: “That was sweet no pun intended.”

And Rhian Morgan posted: “This is why he is on the back of my shirt.”

Winks posted the video as footballers across the country try to fill their days now that games and training sessions have been suspended. The Premier League is currently halted until April 30, although a meeting will be held on April 3 to discuss the next steps.

The midfielder has featured in 23 of Tottenham's 29 Premier League games this season, although his shooting has not been as accurate as his tea-making volleys – he has yet to score.

And although most fans hailed his footie skills some questioned his tea-making ability – including Leicester City star James Maddison.

He said: “At least let it brew Harry.”

Winks replied: “Was a great cuppa mate.”

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