Google classroom tutorial: What is google classroom? How to learn online with children

Google is assisting parents and children who are unable to leave their homes after the government intensified coronavirus measures. Many schools around the world have been closed and parents have a newfound deep appreciation for teachers. But for parents without the technical training for the job, can Google Classroom help?

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free application designed by Google.

The platform helps teachers and students to communicate and can be utilised to organize and manage work.

Google Classroom is considered to be an effective paper-free teaching aid to assist in collaboration between teachers and students.

The programme also allows teachers to teach from a distance, which in the current climate can provide much needed assistance.


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How to access Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a completely free platform.

If you are accessing the platform for the firm time it is best to access it from your Gmail account by using the Google app symbol at the top right of your Gmail screen.

You should see the Classroom icon and once clicked you will be directed to the welcome page.

You can also access the page here.

How to create a class

You need to open a web browser and go to Google Classroom.

You will need to sign in with your G Suite for Education account otherwise you will be unable to use the platform.

If you do not have a G Suite for Education account, you can sign up for free here.

The next step is to click the plus sign from your Gmail account and click create your first class.

In the ‘create a class’ dialogue box you should type the class name and section before clicking create.

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How to add students to a class

After you have set up a class in Google Classroom, you will want to invite your pupils to the class.

You can invite as many students as you like, either from inside the class or by giving them a code with which they can log on.

To invite students to your class either from the school’s director or from your own contacts you need to log onto your class and click the Students tab.

Next you should click Invite and select the students to invite box before checking all the boxes of the students you want to invite to take part in the class and then all you need to do is click invite students.

You cannot invite people outside your school’s domain so they must have an email address belonging to the school’s domain.

If you have a large number of students to choose from you can also use the search bar to find the pupils you want.

To invite students using an access code you will need to log into your class and get the class code from the bottom left of the screen.

All you need to do is share that code with your students such as by writing it on your classroom board or sending it out via email.

Then you should instruct pupils to go to, click the plus sign at the top and type in the code to join the class.

How to make an assignment

Google Classroom helps teachers quickly make assignments which include attached materials.

You should log in to your class and click the stream tab if it is not already displayed.

Then you should click assignment and type the title of the assignment you are creating.

You can also add an optional description if you wish which could also include instructions for the assignment.

You can change the due date and add a time buy clicking due date and add time respectively.

If you wish to add materials to the assignment you should click:

Paperclip to add a file to the assignment from your hard drive.

Google Drive to add a file from your Google Drive.

YouTube play button: To attach a YouTube video to the assignment.

For these documents you can also assign permissions which allows students particular access and edit privileges regarding the documents you upload:

View only means students can only read the file but make no changes.

Edit means students can make changes to the same file.

Make a copy for each student is best to use if you want each student to provide their own copy of the assignment.

Any time you post an assignment, students receive an email notification of the assignment which enables them to complete it and turn it back in.

After a student turns it in, they lose edit access which means they cannot make any changes and a teacher is free to mark their work.

How to mark an assignment

To mark completed assignments, log on to your class and click the stream tab if not already showing.

You will see all the assignments you have made in the centre column.

You should be able to see which students have or have not completed the assignment.

Click the name of a student to expand their assignment and click the document attached to the assignment to see what the student has turned in.

You can then make any comments you wish on the document.

You only need to close the document to return to the student work page.

Then to grade the assignment, you can click where it says no grade and type in a specific mark between 0 and 100.

Check the box next to the student’s assignment and click return to give it back to the student.

Google Classroom will then ask you if you really want to return the assignment and if you want to provide any feedback and so when you have finished you only need to click: return assignment.

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