Heartbroken bridal store owner hit by Hurricane Laura asks shops nationwide to help replace gowns

Bridal store owner on Hurricane Laura destruction: My heart goes out to the girls who lost their gowns

In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, FOX Business’ Jeff Flock talks with a bridal store owner who gets emotional over her customers losing their wedding gowns they were meant to get married in after her store was destroyed.

In the wake of Hurricane Laura ravaging Louisiana, a bridal store owner in Lake Charles expressed sympathy for the women who lost their gowns from the storm's sweep.

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“I’m not really worried about the dresses that weren’t sold. My heart goes out to the girls that lost their gowns in this building that have weddings coming up,” the owner of "Vows by Victoria," Victoria Huber, told FOX Business' Jeff Flock.

“We were over 10,000 square feet with 7,000 gowns,” Huber said.


Heavy rains and winds battered Louisiana Thursday morning as a weakening Hurricane Laura roared northward, threatening to spread further damage well inland after slamming the Lake Charles area and causing at least four deaths.

The historic Hurricane Laura made landfall early Thursday in Cameron, about 45 miles south of Lake Charles, as a dangerous Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 150 mph before weakening to a Category 1 storm.

"As we wake up today, everyone must remember that the threat Laura poses to Louisiana is ongoing," Lousiana Gov. John Bel Edwards tweeted Thursday morning. "Stay home, continue to heed the warnings and instructions of local officials, and monitor your local news to stay informed."

The first fatality from the storm in Lousiana was a 14-year-old girl who died when a tree fell on her home, according to the governor.


Huber said that the store was holding the dresses for women who had their weddings delayed due to COVID-19 and were forced to reschedule for next year.

“I don’t want anything for me. I started at $600. We’ll rebuild,” Huber said.

Huber went on to say, “I love what I do and my customers know that. My main goal is to take care of my brides.”

When Flock asked Huber what people can do to help, Huber responded: "Maybe, a store across the country would take one bride at a time to replace what they've lost."

Fox News’ Travis Fedschun and Janice Dean contributed to this report.

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