Here's What It Means When Someone Calls You a 'Simp'

If you’ve ever complimented a woman, apparently you’re a simp. A group of young men, who are, frankly, entitled assholes, have been posting TikTok videos labeling other dudes this new(ish) term.

In the video, a young man (typically) stands in frame, while a mashup of Rockstar by Post Malone and Hey Ya by Outkast plays in the background. A short sentence appears on screen describing a benign action, where a man does something nice for a woman. Then it’ll cut to the man (often with his hand out) welcoming you to Simp Nation.

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Clearly, these Gen-Zers are brazenly shaming men who do kind things for women without getting laid in return. They’re calling these nice guys “simps,” and the act of being a simp, or engaging in a simp-related activities, is called simping. According to these fuccbois, there’s an army of clueless simps getting played by women.

So what exactly is a simp?

According to the top definition on Urban Dictionary (yes, I am indeed using Urban Dictionary as a source) a simp is “a man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.” The definition was posted in 2012, so the term itself has been around for a while, but only recently through TikTok, the label is gaining popularity.

The word is supposedly an acronym. According to a 2019 Urban Dictionary post, it stands for “Suckas Idolizing Mediocre Pussy.” (Jesus, these guys really are the fucking worst.)

The YouTube channel TikTok Kingdom, which creates compilations of TikTok trends and uploads the videos to YouTube, made a compilation of simping videos. In the clips you’re considered a simp:

(While the first clip in this video is an older man, that’s not characteristic of the average person describing what it means to be a simp.)

Why the sudden emergence of the word in the past six or so months?

Unclear, but it seems that TikTok user Polo.Boyy (who currently has 1.5 million followers) is a prominent figure in the—it feels wrong to call them a community—but unless I call them all putzes, I can’t think of a better term. TikTok, however, is seemingly what allowed #SimpNation to pick up traction and spread.

simped #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

What’s the problem with these guys’ reasoning?

I’m all for teens being obnoxious. I think it’s a rite of passage for many of us, but these men aren’t just annoying or distasteful; what they’re spouting is misogynistic and potentially dangerous. And when I say “they,” I mean the young men calling others simps—not the supposed simps themselves. (If someone criticizes you for being nice to women, feel free to politely give them the finger.)

Here are two main problems with how these young men approach women, dating, and sex.

1. They believe they are entitled to sex

I’m well aware the word “entitled” is constantly thrown around these days, but shit, are these dudes entitled. They’re under the assumption that if you do the bare minimum these women should sleep with you. They feel as if they’re owed sex by women. Spoiler: Women don’t owe you shit. (Can’t wait to be called a simp after publishing this article!)

Take the example above, when a dude says, “You’re a simp if you play her favorite song at her birthday but she doesn’t date you.” Like what? Is that the bar? A woman has to date you if you play her favorite song? Of course not. And if you want a woman to date you, it is good to be nice. Obviously don’t bend over backwards to her every beck and call. She might start viewing you as a pet rather than a friend or love interest. That, however, is not what these men are describing. They’re saying that engaging in basic acts of kindness with a woman is simping.

2. They believe a relationship between a man and a woman is always about sex.

I’m not going to sit here and say that straight dudes have zero desire to sleep with their female friends they find attractive. Of course many dudes do. But if that’s the only reason you’re friends with a woman—in the hope that maybe one day she’ll bone you—then fuck, you’re a real piece of work. Women aren’t sex objects. Besides, it’s 2020: Men and women can be friends—real friends.

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If I had a guess, many of the men who are calling other simps were once, themselves, simps, by their own definition. Instead of modifying their behavior or actually telling the women they were crushing on that they like them, they instead became fuccbois. They felt as if they were being used or taken advantage of by women, so they’re now lashing out by starting this sexist crusade. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pity them. They’re insecure and hurt.

Besides, if they weren’t getting laid before this, god knows they aren’t getting laid after spewing their simping nonsense.

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