Highly-dangerous prisoner escapes from max security jail hours after it opens

A "highly-dangerous" inmate escaped from a brand new maximum security prison just a day after it opened.

The state government spent millions on re-vamping State Penitentiary IV in Foz do Iguacu, a city in the Brazilian state of Parana, to add a male prisoner wing – and less than 24 hours after it was inaugurated a 35-year-old inmate managed to escape.

The Parana Criminal Police Department said the prisoner was considered a highly-dangerous criminal, a resident of Sao Miguel do Iguacu, a city neighboring Foz do Iguacu.

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Just a day before, the director general of the Criminal Police of Paraná – Osvaldo Messias Machado – bragged about the safety the improvements to the prison would bring.

"This is fundamental and has been a policy of the Government of Paraná, guaranteeing more security for the population and for the city of Foz do Iguacu," said Messias, in a government statement.

Hours later, the man – whose crimes weren't specified – was roaming the streets.

And in another embarrassing U-turn, the state slyly changed the status of State Penitentiary IV, lowering the security level from maximum – as previously announced – to medium, just hours after the escape.

The change was made on the website of the State News Agency, which had publicised the opening of the penitentiary.

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The police did not reveal how the detainee managed to escape from jail, and said they were investigating the matter.

As quickly as he escaped, the man was re-captured with police releasing a statement to try and quell the anxiety of locals.

"The Criminal Police informs that the fugitive has already been recaptured and an administrative procedure will investigate what happened," a spokesperson for the Public Security Secretariat of Parana told Brazilian media.

The spokesperson did not clarify whether the prison was "maximum" or "medium" security.

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