How each star sign should spend their coronavirus lockdown

For the greater good, we’re now all going to be pretty much confined to our homes for at least the next few weeks.

Lockdown measures have been put in place across the UK, meaning people aren’t to leave their house except to buy essentials and for one daily form of exercise. Those who’ve shown symptoms, live with someone who has, or are in the at-risk groups are not to leave their homes whatsoever,

While we know it’s for the best, it can still be somewhat boring when it comes to passing the time.

But thankfully for you, we’ve got some helpful hints on what you should spend your time on based on your star sign.


Since the new moon on March 24, you may have felt a powerful need to reinvent yourself with a new hobby or skill.

Jupiter is also in your solar tenth house, which means you could see yourself with more public recognition and professional success. Perhaps start a YouTube channel or blog documenting what you’re up to.

However, with Mars and Saturn due to align on March 30, you’re going to have be aware of just how viable your big plans are in reality.

That doesn’t mean quitting altogether, but recognising that you’re only human and stress and responsibilities are bound to limit the amount you can do.

Keep up your learning or new hobby, but schedule time for rest every day and keep that characteristic Aries energy in check.


For you, Jupiter sextiles Neptune between February and October. This helps you align your spiritual beliefs with your actions, and makes it a perfect time for humanitarian work or charity.

Jupiter is also conjunct with Pluto until November, which highlights your ambitions and gives you a boost to do more.

Use this time to think about the skills you possess and how you can employ them to help the many people that need it right now.

Perhaps it’s as simple as picking up a food shop for a neighbour or sending messages of support for your loved ones. Either way, just be sure to practice what you preach.


For Gemini, this is the perfect time to nurture friendships, as the new moon this week signalled fresh beginnings for your relationships and the upcoming full moon on April 7 bringing with it an epiphany of sorts when it comes to what you want.

Reach out to the ones you love and see who gives you their time in return. Look out for conflicts (not that you’re any stranger to that), but keep your mind focused on who ‘sparks joy’ in your life.

They’re the people you’ll want to reconnect with IRL after the quarantine ends.

Saturn also has been transiting your ninth house since March 21, and this will last until July 1. With that in mind, try and make plans for your future and how you want your life to look (with a specific look at places you’d like to travel).

Ask yourself, does your attitude and confidence match with the tangible plans you’ve put in place?


A lot is happening in your partnership sector right now, with Saturn transitioning out of your partnership sector from March 21 (and back in again in June).

If you’re single, this is a time to get chatting to new people – even if you can’t physically. Join a dating app or social network where you can use your powers of attraction. Be aware you’ll probably hear from a few exes right now, too.

If you’re in a relationship, bring the spark back with Zoom dates or in-house dates if you live together. A supportive energy is flowing, so let yourself be supported.

Further ahead, Venus retrogrades in your privacy sector in May and June, which makes it a time for looking backwards and reminiscing. Try scrapbooking or writing a memoir. You’ll come out of this whole thing clearer than you’ve felt in ages.


Venus is in your social sector as of April, which means it’s your time to shine Leo.

Become your gang’s Houseparty quizmaster or make some beautiful postcards you can send to your loved ones. You never normally have a problem getting the party started, so now you have to rise to the occasion without social contact.

Jupiter sextiles Neptune from February to October, too, which has given you a newfound interest in your health – both physical and mental.

Get into yoga or meditation, give your house a good spring clean, and play around with new recipes. Feed your soul and you’ll reap the rewards in your body.


You may have spent the start of this year feeling like you’re on auto-pilot, and then having realisations that perhaps you’re not totally where you want to be career-wise.

Jupiter and Pluto are in your sector of joy from March to November, Virgo, which gives you the go-ahead to start thinking about what actually makes you happy.

You’re finding joy in the routine side of things, so organise your closets and colour-code your books.

From there, start searching (online and within yourself) for what your ideal career would look like. It’s time for change, and time to balance out your mental wellbeing with your duty-bound nature.


Your ruler Venus will be in your house of domesticity as of April, and you’re keen to start a project around the home.

While you can’t exactly pop down to B&Q for painting supplies, it’s a wonderful time to upcycle things you already have, or get your garden or outdoor space in shape.

You’ll be very content when it comes to your family right now, so also make a point of fostering greater relationships with your relatives.

Call your granny and ask her about what she was like when she was your age, or drop off your aunties and uncles some beautiful flowers on their doorstep. Good energy is flowing.


Jupiter will be spending most of this year in the communication sector of your chart, so it’s time to unleash your creativity and study something completely new.

This same planet’s conjunct of Pluto in Capricorn from now until November has you wanting to learn a language or try writing or making art. This will be paired with a sense of ambition, so whatever you do, make sure to set yourself targets so you’ll feel the achievement you desire.

You’ll also have a knack for teaching others, so if you can already play an instrument or tutor people in another way, why not make a point of creating some online resources people can make use of?


Your focus is on money at the moment, and you’re subconsciously preparing for frugal times ones Venus goes into retrograde in May, which is a time to avoid big purchases.

Now you have some time on your hands (and with Uranus in your solar sixth house) you have the drive to sort out your finances, starting with assessing your outgoings and where you can cut back.

After that, you should look into side hustles and ways you can benefit monetarily from things you love. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, but see if there are any unconventional ways you can make some cash.


With Jupiter transiting in your sign until December (which only happens once every twelve years) this is all about ‘you’ time.

You’re feeling confident and independent – which is lucky, really, in a time of self-isolation.

HIIT sessions help expend some of that pent-up energy, and with body image on your mind it could be time for a new hairstyle or a shakeup of your look.

Just make sure you aren’t tempted to overstretch yourself money-wise or with your intense desire for a fresh start.


Mars is in Aquarius from March 30 to May 13, and your stubborn and competitive traits are coming out.

Playing games online will help you release this need to win, and intellectual games specifically are what you need.

Chess and Scrabble might just become your new obsession over this period.


Saturn is moving into your house of privacy right now, and dreamy Pisces will want to spend this time sleeping constantly.

Relaxation is good, but ensure you’re not being too distant with those around you and reply to their messages.

Your support system are behind you, so give back by joining a community group on Facebook or WhatsApp and being there for others in need.

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