How your children can make money while away from school during lockdown – they just need a dog

While you're at home stuck in lockdown in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it's proving difficult for some to keep their children fully occupied and engaged with their school work.

Parents across the country have become teachers and doing their best to homeschool their young ones, but it's not always easy to keep them focused when you're at home and ready to play.

But there's a way you can put your kids to work, get paid and it's all fun for them thanks to a bean bag company who are looking for professional testers and their dogs to try out their stuffed furniture.

Your children could be in with the chance of earning £50 by applying to become an official bean bag reviewer with Great Bean Bags.

The company are recruiting a child and their four-legged friend as a 'beanbag tester and quality assurance specialists', which is a perfect task during the lockdown to battle COVID-19.

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According to the job advert successful applicants will receive a free bean bag which has been crafted to fit a human and their dog on it.

The job advert reads: "No need to worry about pocket money now, because as well as getting a free bean bag to test and keep, you’ll also make £50 and a LOAD of doggy treats,

"As well as an ‘official reviewer’ uniform for you and your dog, all in exchange for your honest and insightful review of our bean bags."

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Great Bean Bags want kids to send in a photo of them with their dogs, so that they can roadtest the furniture and show how they like to relax after a hard day of homeschooling.

To apply the company asks, along with the approval of a parent or guardian to send a favourite picture of you and your dog that shows you are a good team, tell us why you and your dog are most qualified to get the job, tell us what makes you work well as a team, along with your name, age, location and the name of your dog (along with your consenting adult's name and contact details).

The deadline for applications is Sunday 31st May 2020 and the email address for applications is [email protected] it really is as simple as that.

Patrick Tonks, creative director at Great Bean Bags said: "We know our beanbags are great, but we need a second opinion from someone that is completely unbiased. Children are brutally honest and dogs know what is comfy and what isn't, so they are the perfect match.

"We specifically want duos that can work together well, whose favourite thing to do is cuddle up and relax! This is a great opportunity and we are really excited to have a pair on board who can help us to make the best products we can. It’s also a pretty cool job to have as the first on your CV!"

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