Im an estate agent and you should always worry if homes smell like bleach

An estate agent says it's a major red flag if you walk into a property and smell bleach immediately.

Sara Capecchi, who works as a premier realtor in the St Croix Valley near Minnesota, US, said many don't see this as a warning sign.

But after they close on property deals, they soon realise that the strong smell is used to conceal other unpleasant odours.

Detailing the incident to her fans on TikTok, the expert said: "You're not going to believe what the seller was trying to cover up."

She recalled a viewing, which happened a few years ago, where buyers were greeted by the house owner.

"We open up the door and it's really dark inside, and the smoke smell just hits you, but on top of that there was a strong chlorine scent," Sara said.

When they went to the garage, they noticed the owner had put all her pets inside a car so they could have a better look of the house.

But after the initial viewing, Sara helped her clients to negotiate with the owner and finally got them to sign a contract.

"Every time we went there, it was that strong chlorine smell and you're like 'what is she trying to cover up here?' and also 'you don't know what you don't know'," she said.

"We also had a home inspection.

"The clients were so happy when we closed it and they went to the house on day one, ready to do remodelling and they started pulling up some of the floors.

"The subfloors are soaked full of animal urine that they almost started throwing up.

"They had to throw out, not only all the floors, the subfloors, all the trim – it was soaked, it was so bad.

"And they call me right away and they're like 'well, we finally realised why the strong bleach smell.' She was covering up pet urine odour. Crazy."

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