Influencer cops backlash over her baby girl’s name

A mum has opened up about the fierce backlash she has copped online for calling her daughter Poot.

Abbie Herbert, 25, from the US, who has generated a whopping 934 million “likes” on her TikTok, often shares videos of herself and her little girl Poppy, who she welcomed in May this year.

But in a recent clip, the social media star revealed some of the harsh remarks she had received since nicknaming her daughter Poot.

“Poot sounds like a fart,” one person wrote.

“She’s going to be bullied her entire life,” said another, while a third branded it the “ugliest name ever”.

In the clip, which has been viewed 7 million times, Abbie explained she decided to call her daughter Poot because “everyone hated Poppy”.

“I thought Poot was cute too,” she told a follower.

The video also showed the now seven-month-old smiling and wearing a hoodie that had the word “Poot” on it.

“Go Little Rockstar,” the young mum wrote alongside the image.

“Her name is unique and special to us.”

However, the young girl’s name has continued to cause a stir with followers begging her to change it while she “still has time”.

“Poot is adorable name at the age but she is going to get bullied when she’s older so plz change it you still have time she is still little,” one person commented.

“CHANGE IT AS QUICK AS YOU CAN,” demanded another.

“Poot does sound like a fart though … I’m sorry,” said a third.

Despite the continued backlash, Abbie doesn’t seem phased by negativity.

She shared another clip holding her little girl alongside the caption, “To all the people that hate on my daughters name Poot James Herbert”. It then showed her blowing a kiss to the camera and tapping her backside before walking off – implying she doesn’t care what others think.

Others also defended the Instagram and TikTok star, who is the partner of fellow social media celebrity Josh Herbert.

“What is wrong with Poot? If mum wants to call her daughter Poot, then she can,” one follower wrote on her clip.

“Leave her alone. It’s her child, her choice,” said another, while a third agreed with Abbie that it is “adorable and unique”.

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