Inside Harry and Meghans relationship since US move – Ongoing happiness

Meghan and Harry: ‘No appetite’ for UK return says Neil Sean

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Sussex fans were delighted when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited New York for a few days in September 2021. Just some of the visits the couple made in the Big Apple included a trip to the One World Trade Center, and they also appeared at the Global Citizen Live concert. And to the further delight of their fans, Harry and Meghan’s suited-and-booted appearance at the Salute to Freedom Gala in November 2021 saw the superstar couple walk the glamourous red carpet.

Since leaving their working royal roles in the UK behind in early 2020, Meghan and Harry have firmly established their new lives in the US.

The Sussexes now live in a sprawling mansion in sunny California with their two adorable children, Archie and Lilibet.

And it appears that despite the turbulence of their royal exit, the couple still has a solid relationship, based on analysis of their body language since moving to America. spoke to body language expert Judi James about Harry and Meghan’s body language at high-profile US events in recent months, specifically with regards to their trip to New York in September and their red carpet appearance at the Salute to Freedom Gala at the end of 2021.

According to Ms James, Harry and Meghan’s recent body language has indicated their “ongoing happiness” as a very much in love couple.

Ms James explained: “These photos in New York show the couple performing their very signature PDAs, but it was notable that they weren’t a constant feature here or on the red carpet at the Salute to Freedom Gala or the visit to the One World Trade Center.

“The moments of hand-holding and the look of love they still throw at one another define their ongoing happiness as a couple, but they also appear to want to grow as individuals professionally too.”

The coronavirus pandemic meant many of Harry and Meghan’s first appearances in the US took place virtually, so the couple regularly appeared as a duo.

And while Harry and Meghan have still appeared together at events in recent months, solo appearances have become more common.

Harry was recently spotted at the Super Bowl with his cousin Princess Eugenie, while Meghan has made a series of solo appearances on TV in recent months.

Ms James added: “Harry has been attending his own events, like the one with his cousin Eugenie. The days when he and Meghan would sit side-by-side on a bench or sofa to perform their filming together as a double-act appear to be fading into the past.

“In the UK it often looked as though a very isolated Harry and Meghan had huddled together for mutual protection, support and emotional safety as much as for love, but in the US they seem to be stretching out and unfurling their talents individually as well as in the form of a double-act.”

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The body language expert highlighted how Meghan and Harry’s love for each other was particularly evident when they appeared on stage for Global Citizen Live in September.

Photos of the couple, who are famed for their public displays of affection, showed them hugging on stage, holding hands and laughing together.

Ms James explained: “It was the crowd that egged on this PDA at the Global Citizen Live.

“Harry and Meghan took it in turns to address the fans but when they smiled at each other the cheers went up, it was then that the couple gave the audience what it wanted, holding hands and smiling coyly.”

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