Inside Kris Jenner’s history with Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath

While Keeping Up With the Kardashians takes a hiatus, another Kardashian-Jenner is keeping their spot warm with a new show on Quibi. Kirby Jenner, the supposed “fraternal twin brother” of Kendall Jenner, now has his own titular show on the streaming platform. Though Kirby is not actually related to the rich and famous KarJenners (as far as anyone knows), his parody Instagram account is pretty convincing. The amateur model’s profile is a collection of family videos and photo shoots with Kirby superimposed into all of them. 

Kirby created the same magic for his Kirby Jenner Quibi show, which features the same KUWTK format but with a slight twist. The show has many celebrity cameos, excluding his “family,” and also introduces fans to some surprising relationships. Case in point: What’s the relationship between momager Kris Jenner and Sugar Ray lead vocalist Mark McGrath? Let’s dive into this duo, shall we? 

Kirby Jenner reveals Kris Jenner's Sugar Ray obsession

Fans first learned about Kris Jenner’s secret love for Sugar Ray rocker Mark McGrath at the end of Episode 7 of Kirby Jenner. In the 5-minute episode, Kirby wants to remove a pigeon from the lawn, but instead of killing it with a flamethrower, he decides to adopt the pigeon and keep it indoors. Unfortunately, the pigeon escapes out a bedroom window and attacks Kris, who suffers a neck injury. While allowing Kris to rest — on a stretcher in the backyard — it’s revealed through a slew of paraphernalia that Kris is obsessed with Sugar Ray, specifically Mark McGrath. 

“How did I forget my mom’s love for alternative rock music?” Kirby muses as he holds up a blanket with the “Every Morning” singer’s face on it. To redeem himself, Kirby decides to get the front man to play at a party for Kris.

Kris Jenner and Mark McGrath go way back

Who knows if Kris Jenner and Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath actually have a long-standing friendship, but Kirby Jenner makes a rather convincing case on his Quibi show — thanks, in part, to some editing magic. In Episode 7 of Kirby Jenner, the titular star claims his momager and the Sugar Ray frontman go way back. This supposed relationship is discussed with sis Kendall Jenner at their regular lunch outing. 

“After some underlined snooping, I realized mom’s connection to the band goes way deeper,” Kirby says. “She’s like long-lost friends with the lead singer Mark McGrath. They used to do community theater together. She threw him a birthday dinner one year. It was lit. Mom’s a Sugar freak.” 

Kirby goes on the hunt to track down the singer, but ends hiring an actor to impersonate McGrath instead. But (spoiler alert!) the real “Fly” singer ends up at the party … and gets thrown out after getting into a fight. Dra-ma. Though neither the real nor fake McGrath perform at the party, we can assume that Kris enjoyed herself all the same.  

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