Jamie Oliver: TV chef issues important supermarket warning amid coronavirus crisis

Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef who has shared tips on how to cook at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The chef recently gave an important warning about food shopping in supermarkets.


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Following government advice, most Britons will be spending a lot of time at home at the moment.

Britons are only permitted to leave their houses for a few exceptional reasons, including essential trips to the shops for food.

However, over the last few weeks many people have noticed empty shelves and long queues in supermarkets.

Speaking on This Morning, Jamie warned against going to supermarkets and suggested how shoppers could shop instead.

He said: “This is an opportunity to remember that we are leaning a lot on the supermarkets, but we should really try and use our fishmongers, our butchers and our smaller stores.

“Their supply chain is very different. There is enough food in this country but we are leaning very heavily on the supermarkets, unusually so.

“All of the food that would usually be in schools, pubs and restaurants has to go somewhere.”

Many supermarkets have introduced rationing on products but it is still difficult to find some popular items in stores.

Jamie explained shoppers could get exactly what they need by trying their local shops.

“It’s really worth everyone around the whole country just keeping an eye on their small retailers because they need your support,” he told the presenters.

“They tend to have more food than say the big supermarkets.”

As Britons are not as able to pop out to the shops as often, Jamie explained their relationship with food could change.


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He added: “Now more than ever, because of lockdown, the idea of waste and recycling is important.

“Some of the best recipes and dishes come from leftovers and come from ‘waste not want not’.

“The idea that there’s not this abundance of food will change us. I think we might reconnect with food in a really important way.”

Since the UK lockdown was announced last week, Jamie has been sharing recipes on the Channel 4 show Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On.

With shoppers visiting stores less often, he has come up with recipes that are simple and quick to make using store cupboard staples.

He said: “What I try to do is come up with mothership recipes. Principle recipes that are really flexible to what you’ve got or haven’t got in your fridge or your freezer.

“There’s not one size fits all for everyone, everyone is in a different scenario.”

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