Jamie Oliver’s ‘secret’ hack turns ice cream into your favourite chocolate bar

Jamie Oliver has shared his easy recipe to turn vanilla ice cream into a delicious chocolate dessert that suits everyone's taste.

The celebrity chef said the no-fuss dessert is perfect for a lazy video night and it is totally customisable.

Appearing on Channel 4's Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites, the 45-year-old said you can use any chocolates you like.

With his son Buddy helping as a little sous-chef, Jamie says: "Get yourself any kind of favourite chocolates you love.

"If you pop them in the fridge, then put them in a clean tea towel and then, you can bash them up."

Jamie grabs a wooden rolling pin and crushes the Maltesers into crumbles.

The chef then evens out the chocolate pieces on a plate before taking a scoop of vanilla ice cream from the tub and placing it in the of the pile of crumbs.

"Then I take a couple of little spoons and roll it around [the Maltesers crumble]," Jamie added.

Buddy, who prefers to have the quick-fix treat fancier, asks his dad to put fruits in.

Jamie then places a few raspberries in a glassy bowl, saying: "Then drop your favourite chocolate bar, bashed up and dusted around a ball of your favourite ice cream, on some fruit, if you want to be like Buddy.

"Little spoon inside, happy days."

But to up the game for fancy dressing, Jamie said: "You can take a bar of chocolate, take a knife or a palette knife, and just drag it [the chocolate bar] towards you.

"It's a little trick that you can use to make every day fantastical!"

The result leaves the dessert looking like restaurant quality, with stunning chocolate twirls on top.

Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites continues next Monday at 8.30pm on Channel 4.

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