JB Smoove Reveals His Risqué Sketch For Tom Brady That ‘Saturday Night Live’ Rejected

“Saturday Night Live” apparently thought one of JB Smoove’s ideas for guest host Tom Brady was out of bounds.

The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star reminisced about his stint on “SNL” with fellow alum Conan O’Brien on Tuesday, and the subject of rejected sketches came up.

Smoove recalled that he pitched a doozy when the quarterback great appeared on the show in 2005.

He imagined Brady as a 1940s football star who becomes the first NFL player to smack teammates on the butt for a job well done. Nobody could understand why he was doing it, but Brady took his pats of praise to the next level.

“It never made it, but it’s a classic,” Smoove said in a previous interview about the bit.

You have to watch Smoove dish the details to Conan above.



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