Katie Price plans to take over daytime TV with boyfriend Carl Woods

Katie Price Price and her new man Carl Woods have revealed they want to have a new daytime telly show that will rival the likes of This Morning and Loose Women.

The former glamour model, 42, and Carl, 31, discuss how they would like to be king and queen of daytime TV on Katie's new YouTube channel which launches today.

She said: "We would own daytime- we are both so relatable- we are real- as it is- not better or judge- our experience and Jeez what T shirt haven't I had, worn and learnt from to help others help themselves?"

Carl added: "I would love the cooking segments- health- family- medical and above all else staying mentally well – teach others to be kind."

A source spoke about Katie's latest career bid to The Sun, they said: "Katie's only negative is she is not the best early riser- 4.30 am starts would be tough but she'd do it at the drop of a hat with Carl.

"They make a perfect presenting couple."

Katie will also share the pairs adventure in the glam new motorhome in the series.

The pair discuss will discuss the stars grooming habits, with Katie admitting: "He moans I take too long in hair and make up."

Katie is recovering from a horror accident in Turkey last month in which she broke  both her feet.

Speaking of her injuries, she said: "We have such a good routine now, from getting up and down the stairs to sharing our bath last thing together to unwind.

"Couples that work together- play together- stay together- this is a whole new place for me and that is with Carl by my side."

Carl added: "I carry my girlfriend on my hip- I don't leave home without her."

This week Katie's daughter Bunny, 6, told the former glamour model's new man Carl Woods that she "loves" him.

Katie, 42, explained in a sweet video that Bunny wrote "I love you" in a card she made for him at school.

The bombshell asked her little girl as she sat in the back of her car after school what she had made, before the youngster told her she had made Katie and Carl, 31, a card to tell them she loved him.

She then showed off the card which had Katie and Carl written on the front, alongside love hearts, with the sweet message inside that read: "To Carl, I love you, love Bunny."

Katie Price's representative has been contacted for comment about her new show.

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