Katie Price strips naked in shower video to celebrate getting back on her feet

Katie Price showed that she was back on her feet again, as she stripped totally naked in the shower to flog a hairstyling product.

The 42-year-old former Page 3 star, proved that she was back in business doing what she does best as she filmed herself in the shower.

Standing on her two feet, she massaged a hair shampooing treatment into her damp tresses.

While Katie got to work at showcasing the frizz-reducing serum, she tactically concealed her modesty, adjusting the camera to focus on her face and bare shoulders.

Plugging the item, she gleefully told her Instagram fans: "Hey guys it's bath time.

"Anyway talking about bath time and washing hair. Now you guys fully well know that I go from blonde to dark, blonde to dark and my hair is so curly and frizzy and damaged that I need to get it in good condition.

"Now a company called Ella Mae they use argon oil shampoo and they have amazing masks.

"They've actually given me some to try and they said that I need the 100 percent frizz control.

"I've been using it and it’s so easy for me to blow dry my hair and it actually does really work."

The shower scene landed on Katie's Instagram story after the pinup had been spotted walking for the first time since breaking both of her feet.

The mum-of-five had previously suffered a freak accident on a family trip to Turkey and has so far spent five months recovering.

Defying all odds, Katie told The Sun that she had already stunned doctors with her remarkable healing – as it was originally expected it would be 18 months before she could walk again.

In spite of still suffering from pain she remains "determined" but has been told by doctors that she still has a "long way to go".

She told the publication: "I've got the all clear to walk, I still wear my boots and I can wear trainers – I'm having physiotherapy now three times a week and it feels amazing to have that freedom back.

"It's still a long way to go but at least I am back on my feet."

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