Kirsty Gallachers life off GB News – painful split, famous ex and glam home

Ever since the launch of GB News earlier this month, the world has been dying to know more about the lineup of presenters who feature on the new channel.

Former Sky Sports star Kirsty Gallacher was one of the first to be announced and will appear on Andrew Neil's new station alongside Dan Wootton, Alastair Stewart, Colin Brazier and Gloria De Piero.

However, viewers of the show are eager to learn more about their new hosts and Daily Star have just the lowdown for readers.

Here, Daily Star delves into the life of Kirsty Gallacher uncovering her time spent away from the cameras.

From matters of the heart, an expensive lavish home and a famous ex, we've got it all.

"Painful" split from Paul Sampson

Kirsty previously discussed her "painful" split from ex-husband and English rugby player Paul Sampson.

The mum-of-two had been married to the sportsman for 15 years before the pair announced they were parting ways in 2015.

Just two years after their split, Kirsty was served a two-year drink driving ban after she'd admitted to getting behind the wheel "the morning after drinking".

At the time District Judge Davinder Lachhar said: "It is a very high rate. It is almost three times the amount of the limit," and she was ordered to pay £85 in court charges and could opt to have her ban reduced by six months if she took part in a driving course.

Kirsty blamed her "painful" break-up as the cause behind the drink-drive arrest.

In an emotional interview with on the Outspoken Beauty podcast, Kirsty spoke about the "difficult period" five years after they'd parted ways.

She said: "The divorce was a very difficult period. I found it devastating.

"I was grieving and mourning. I think I had post traumatic stress disorder. I was skinny, not eating and wanting to black it all out. It was painful.”

"I felt a burden and a sadness for my children, even though I didn’t do anything wrong and Sammo didn’t do anything wrong. No one was to blame."

Kirsty's £1.4million home

When it comes to showing off her grand £1.4million home Kirsty certainly doesn't shy away from flashing her swanky barn home on Instagram.

The sports presenter ditched her life in Surrey, trading in her rustic property for a modern and spacious home with exposed beams.

After the starlet had parted ways from her husband Paul Sampson, she sold the family home for £895,000 and headed for Berkshire.

Secret boyfriend

In 2017, The Sun reported that Kirsty had split from a secret boyfriend who was believed to be actor Laurence Fox – although neither the TV star or the actor have ever made comment on this.

It was claimed by the publication that she had been dating the Lewis star for six months, with their romance coming to an end allegedly four weeks before her arrest for drink-driving.

A source revealed to the news outlet that the strain of keeping their romance on the down-low eventually took its toll.

A source claimed: "The pair met through pals and hit it off. They had fun while it lasted.

"But having to sneak around was a bit tiresome in the end."

Kirsty is linked to boxing champion Johnny Nelson

When it comes to matters of the heart, Kirsty very much likes to keep her romantic encounters away from the public eye.

Earlier this year, it was reported by The Sun on Sunday that Kirsty had been dating retired boxing champion Johnny Nelson.

The 45-year-old TV star and the cruiserweight champ, 54, are said to have hit off while working at Sky Sports.

A source claimed: "They have kept it quiet but Kirsty and Johnny's relationship is going great guns.

"They are really keen on each other and friends and family think the romance is for keeps. They have a lot in common, obviously sports and keeping fit.

"Kirsty is a big boxing fan and finds Johnny funny and charming."

Just days prior Kirsty had discussed having a third child with her mystery man.

Speaking on Women's Health podcast, Going For Goal, she said: 'I'm in a new relationship right now and I feel like saying if someone's got a problem [with her having another child at 45], why is that?

"Why am I too old? What is the problem if I'm fit, healthy, able, and we want to do that?"

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