Leaked iPhone 12 schematics suggest phones have smaller camera 'notch'

Leaked iPhone 12 schematics suggest phones will have much smaller camera ‘notch’ and almost zero bezel

  • The schematics show a drastically reduced camera ‘notch’ on the front
  • A speaker could be placed on the top of the bezel instead of in between sensors
  • It would mark an incremental step towards removing the iPhones notch entirely 

A pair of leaked schematics suggest that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 will fall just short of eliminating a camera ‘notch’ on the phone’s display.

The pictures, posted on Twitter by frequent phone leaker Jon Prosser, show what appear to be official Apple schematics for its next flagship iPhone – specifically a drastically reduced ‘notch’ that stores the device’s front-facing camera components.

According to the schematics the microphone will be moved to the top of the device’s display in order to compress the size of the camera notch. 

On the iPhone 11, the speaker is sandwiched in between the phone’s front-facing sensors.

The move would mark an incremental step toward ultimately eliminating the the iPhones camera notch entirely to build a phone with an entire-screen display.

As noted by Tom’s Hardware, retaining a small camera notch will also help to retain the company’s Face ID hardware which uses a biometric scan of a user’s face to unlock the phone and more.   

Pictures of the phone’s reduced notch come on the heels of similarly revealing leaks on the iPhone 12’s design.

According to a report from Bloomberg, a new line of iPhone Pros will be reimagined to appear more like the company’s current line of iPads, specifically making use of a chassis with flat sides like the one seen on the iPad Pro.

The iPhone 11 Pro (pictured) has a rounded design, but according to Bloomberg, its successor may come with a flat outer chassis and flat screen

Bloomberg, which cites sources familiar with the plans, also says that Apple will opt for a screen that is flat around the phone’s edges as opposed to the rounded design in current models.   

Additionally, Bloomberg re-confirmed that that two iPhone Pro models, which will come with 5G, will be accompanied by two more budget-friendly options.

The largest premium model which is typically called the ‘Max’ model, will reportedly be slightly larger than the current iPhone 11 Max which has a display that spans about 6.5 inches.

Pro models will come with a triple-camera array while the cheaper models will have two rear-facing cameras.

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