Man builds apocalyptic bunker under Greenwich Village restaurant

Beneath a chic Greenwich Village restaurant, beyond the room of champagne boxes, through the door with the leather belt for a doorknob, behind the fake-blood-covered-pony wall and past the oil tank, Stuart Ross has built a secret bunker.

“I’ve been storing and building survival tools down there and giant weapons of mass attraction for nearly a decade,” the eclectic 49-year-old artist tells The Post. “I also have medical and art supplies, a slew of reclaimed refuse — all the essentials for quality apocalypse living.”

The studio is just 91 square feet with 7-foot-high ceilings. But it’s all Ross’. And in his eight years occupying it, he hasn’t paid a penny.

“The price is right,” he says. “It’s tiny but it’s functional.”

And while the Queens native isn’t quarantining in his basement refuge during the coronavirus lockdown, its continued existence in New York’s bowels brings him comfort in these uncertain times, he says.

“It’s amazing to have a hidden space in a Greenwich Village basement to know I can escape to, especially when the world’s falling apart,” he says. “It’s just you, the rodents and the roaches. Real solitude.”


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