Martha Stewart is missing her glam team during quarantine

With her trusted beauty team out of the picture due to coronavirus-related social distancing orders, Martha Stewart is going back to basics.

The domestic doyenne, 78, lamented the lack of access to her usual glam squad on Instagram Friday.

“Where is my hairdresser Megan? Where is my makeup artist @daisybeautytoye ? Where is my colorist Parvin Klein @bergdorfs ? Where is my manicurist Luda @johnbarrettnyc ?,” she wrote. “I think about you all daily as I attempt my own daily ablutions and preparations.”

Stewart cautioned her fans against going for drastic DIY makeovers while stuck at home, instead urging them to stick to a simple routine.

“I warn all of you to not attempt frivolous ‘fixes’ during this time,” she said. “Wash your hair, condition it, air dry it. Remove chipped polish and lightly file your nails, with all the hand washing apply lots of rich hand lotion and reparative ointments. Cleanse your skin well and moisturize morning and night. Tinted sunscreen is good all day and lipgloss of course.”

The businesswoman added that it’s a great time to try a pampering treatment or two: “Apply masks two or three times a week! If you can find CBD masks and serums use those.”

Stewart also recommended baking (in moderation), cooking new plant-based and ethnic dishes and spending time outside — “but wear your mask, your gloves, and keep your distance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“We will survive this newest life challenge,” she concluded. “I know it is painful and hurtful and difficult. But it is not war, it is a virus. We know what we have to do. Do it!”

Stewart previously posted about the importance of following CDC guidelines during the outbreak, sharing that she had donated to Mount Sinai’s COVID-19 Relief Fund and urging her followers to do the same.

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