Marvel Fans are Freaking Out About a Tiny Change to the Ending of 'WandaVision'

Marvel’s WandaVision easily qualifies as one of the most hotly-discussed TV moments of 2021 so far, spawning endless think-pieces and theories about its significance within the MCU.

Now, almost four months after the season finale was aired, the show is still causing heated discussion amongst fans. As per IGN, a Reddit user has noticed that details of the final episode’s post-credit scene appears to have been altered since its first showing.

The changes seem to be largely cosmetic: in the scene showing (spoiler alert) Wanda’s retirement to a cabin in the woods, more trees appear to have been added, a duck has been digitally removed, and (if you believe the fan theories), a humanoid figure appears to be descending towards the cabin. It’s that last detail that has several fans hoping for a teaser of the next Doctor Strange film, given the crossover between the narratives of the two franchises.

The figure was also, significantly, not in the originally released version of the ending. “Seems…Strange”, wrote one commentor, while another notes that “the figures appears to have a cape.” Others, however, surmised that the figure could likely be shadow from the helicopter used to film the sequence, or a CGI fail from the re-rendering of the trees.

Fans had been led to expect that Strange would make an appearance in WandaVision, but the show’s creator explained that his scenes were removed to avoid confusing the narrative.

Take a look at the altered footage in the Reddit thread above, and let us know if it’s anything beyond wild conspiracy theory.

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