McDonald’s worker slams customers for ordering McChickens early in the morning

A McDonald's worker has revealed some of the most annoying elements of working the night shift – including a mistake everyone makes with the famed breakfast menu.

Jacqui Fuzzard, from Australia, shared a list of things that she would like customers to take into consideration when ordering in the middle of night.

She explained on TikTok that sometimes she had to ask customers to park their cars after ordering at the drive-thru because she is "waiting for the product".

She also says: "If I ever tell you that I can't do a shake or a sundae because the machine is in heating, it means the machine is in heating and spitting out hot liquid.

"I cannot serve that to you. Please, order something else, can I get you a frappe?"

Jacqui gives tips to her viewers on ordering during breakfast hours.

She explains: "If you come in at 4.30am ordering a McChicken and I say no, that's not my fault. Breakfast menu starts at 4am, you should have been there before 4am for McChicken.

"You order from the breakfast menu or the all-day menu."

Breakfast menus in the UK actually start from 5am, but there is no doubt workers still have the same problems over here from rowdy customers.

The woman also asks the customers to stay at the cashing window when she is the "only one" serving on the floor.

"I might be serving someone on the counter, I might be doing something else, but please just wait at the cashing window, don't go to the presenting window." Jacqui adds.

"I actually have a lot of jobs and detailed cleaning that I need to get done, I don't stand around all night doing absolutely nothing.

"Please do not tell me if I'm being lazy if I'm in the middle of a job."

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