Meghan Markle accused of hypocrisy over 'linked not ranked' quote

‘This coming from a woman who uses a title?’ Meghan Markle is accused of hypocrisy after praising Gloria Steinem quote about being ‘linked not ranked’ despite still referring to herself as the Duchess of Sussex

  • Meghan, 39, called attention to the quote during a Q&A with activist Gloria, 86, revealing that she wears bracelets with the mantra written on them 
  • The bracelets, which come in a set of four, were designed by Gloria herself in order to raise money for
  • During her ‘backyard chat’ with Gloria, Meghan said that the quote – which is one of the feminist icon’s most famous – ‘means everything to her’ 
  • Twitter users have pointed out the irony in Meghan’s promotion of the statement, noting that she still uses a title that denotes a higher social rank 
  • Others have questioned whether she was making a veiled dig at the royal family when referencing the statement  
  • However after the interview was published on Wednesday, the bracelets quickly sold out online as fans rushed to buy their own set  

Meghan Markle has been criticized on social media over her decision to continue using her royal title after insisting that all people should be ‘linked not ranked’ during an interview with feminist icon Gloria Steinem. 

The 39-year-old Duchess of Sussex spoke about her love of the feminist phrase – and revealed during the ‘backyard chat’ with Gloria, 86, that she even wears it with her on a bracelet that was given to her by the activist.  

However some Twitter users were quick to accuse Meghan of hypocrisy, questioning how she can promote the concept of equality in an interview during which she chose to use her royal title. 

 Backlash: Meghan Markle has been mocked after saying in a Q&A with Gloria Steinem that it ‘means everything to her’ that people be ‘linked not ranked’ despite still using her Duchess title

‘She should not spout off about being linked and ranked, if [she is] going to use a rank title,’ one person tweeted. ‘Just go back to plain Meghan Markle, actress.’

Another added: ‘Meghan and Harry talking about “linked not ranked blah blah” but still holding on to their titles what a joke.’

Meaningful: The quote is one of Gloria’s most famous – and the 86-year-old gifted Meghan bracelets with the mantra on them, which the pair discussed during their chat 

A third chimed in: ‘Linked not ranked? Deep nonsense (woke) is what Meghan trades in. And lies. Does Steinem really not know how Markle plotted, schemed and seduced an unattractive halfwit to marry into the British Royal Family for fame, money and the opportunity to schmooze with hasbeens and hacks?’  

‘I thought it insane that they talked about being “linked” rather than “ranked,”‘ another person tweeted. ‘This coming from Meghan who uses her Duchess title? I am so through with her.’

One person specifically highlighted the irony in the fact that Meghan’s written Q&A with Gloria – during which she shared how much the ‘linked not ranked’ quote means to her – was published by female empowerment platform Makers Women under the byline ‘Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’. 

‘Have no problem of Meghan urging people to vote (esp. women), but this “are linked  not ranked”… yet MAKERS put Meghan’s tittle The Duchess of Sussex next to her name,’ they wrote. 

Others questioned whether Meghan was attempting to make a veiled jab at the royal family by sharing her love of the mantra, with one account insisting that it was meant to be a ‘dig’ at the monarchy. 

‘Meghan’s obvious dig at the entire institution: how all women “are linked, not ranked,”‘ the Twitter user wrote. 

‘Now sweetie, if you really find the hierarchy so archaic and anti-feminist, then why are you still clinging to your title? Oh that’s right, you offer nothing without it.’

Another person then replied: ‘Women linked not ranked. Def a dig. But coming from Duchess Meghan ya gotta laugh.’ 

The Q&A between Meghan and Gloria was published by Makers on Wednesday, following a behind-the-scenes teaser clip that was shared the day before, and saw the two women covering a range of issues, from voter suppression to gender equality. 

At one point, the two women discussed gender equality, with Gloria referring to Native American culture ‘in which women were equal’, noting that this ‘system of balance’ is what prompted the idea of people being ‘linked not ranked’.

Meghan then called attention to her bracelets, a $48 set of beaded accessories that were designed by Gloria to raise money for, and which feature the phrase: ‘Imagine we are linked, not ranked.’ 

‘I love this,’ the Duchess said of her bracelet, adding: ‘It means everything to me on every level; we are linked not ranked.’ 

Going, going, gone! Despite the criticism, the bracelets worn by Meghan – which come in black and red – still flew off shelves in the hours after her interview 

Style star: The Duchess of Sussex was wearing the accessories during the Q&A, which was published by female empowerment platform Makers Women 

Decisions: After formally stepping away from the royal family, Meghan and Harry were stripped of their HRH styles, but they are still known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex 

Gloria then responded: ‘And I thank you for understanding that rank is less important than being linked. That’s a big thing.’ 

But while some accused Meghan of hypocrisy, her praise of the bracelets gifted to her by Gloria still caused the accessories to fly off shelves, with many Twitter users reporting that they had sold out within minutes after the interview went live. 

Interestingly, the social media discussion around Harry and Meghan’s use of their Duke and Duchess titles comes just as it was revealed that the couple has changed the name of their charitable foundation to remove Sussex Royal. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex agreed to stop using their ‘Sussex Royal’ brand after officially stepping away from The Firm on April 1 this year.

Their departure – nicknamed Megxit – prompted talks with aides, which ended with the agreement that they would be unable to use the word ‘royal’ as part of any of new branding.

Now paperwork has been published revealing the formal change of name for the ‘Sussex Royal The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ to MWX Foundation was registered on 5 August.

The name could be short for the Markle Windsor Foundation.   

It was agreed as part of Megxit discussions that Harry and Meghan would remain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, however the couple were stripped of their HRH styles, and are not allowed to use the word ‘royal’ in relation to their work moving forward.  

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