Miguel Chevalier Presents "Digital Abysses" at Aqua Planet Jeju Island

For his first exhibition in South Korea, French digital and visual artist Miguel Chevalier displays his works at the largest aquarium in the country, Aqua Planet Jeju.

Neighboring water tanks holding sharks, dolphins, and other marine life, Chevalier’s exhibition continues his in-depth exploration of nature-inspired by marine currents and undersea flora and fauna. The 1,500 sqm display area is shrouded in darkness, illuminated solely by the luminescent 3-D printed sculptures, resin paintings, VR exhibits, and light installations projected on the walls and floors that react to music and the visitors’ movements. Chevalier imagined the experience to feel like venturing into the unknown, similar to exploring the ocean depths in which 95 percent remain unchartered.

“Through the theme of the Abyss, the exhibition explores in a poetical and metaphorical way our relationship with visible and invisible living beings,” Chevalier writes on his website. “In investigating the notion of artificial life, it raise concerns about the fragility of these ecosystems and call out for the need to preserve biodiversity. They seek to recreate the conditions for a symbiotic relationship between human and nature.”

Miguel Chevalier’s “Digital Abysses” exhibition is now open, and will continue to run until November 6, 2022. Images of the exhibition can be found above, full video walkthrough below, and more exhibition information here.

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