Mom Whose Son Spent $16,000 Playing Sonic Forces Won’t Be Getting A Refund

Apple is standing firm on its decision to not issue the mom of a son who spent $16,000 on in-app purchases a refund.

The only problem parents used to have when it came to video games was whether they were too violent for their children to play. Games like Grand Theft Auto have caused controversy for decades. However, now that online and mobile gaming is big business, parents face a whole new problem. Kids spending their hard-earned money on in-game purchases and microtransactions.

Chances are your card details are loaded up and ready to go on your phones and your consoles. They need to be in order to use many of the accompanying features. However, if there aren’t proper measures in place when you hand that phone or controller off to your child, they may have the know-how when using it to spend your money, and a lot of it.

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Connecticut mom Jessica Johnson found that out the hard way. Her son George is a big fan of Sonic Forces, a game he played on her Apple device. Sonic Forces would keep George entertained while his mom worked from home. However, what Jessica didn’t know was her son was buying in-game rings by the boatload. Jessica didn’t realize until discovering $16,000 was missing from her account.

That’s right, George managed to spend $16,000 on Sonic Forces’ in-app purchases. That might sound crazy, but it isn’t as hard as you might think when money is no object like it is to a child. One of the bundles available in the Sonic Forces store costs $99.99, resulting in young George spending $2500 in just one day during his spending spree.

When Jessica first became aware of the vast amounts of money leaving her account, she contacted her back and was told that it was most likely fraud. It took months to reach the conclusion that it was in fact her son spending all that cash. Since more than 60 days had passed since the money was spent, Apple is refusing to issue a refund, citing that Jessica waited too long to ask for one. The trouble is, she didn’t realize she had even spent the money, seemingly until it was too late.

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